Frequently Asked Questions about the FuneralNet Essentials Program

Who owns the Web site name?

You "own" the name registered. Either FuneralNet or you can renew your registration annually. If you remain with FuneralNet Essentials we will automatically renew the name for you. You also own all the material you submit to the Web site. Upon request, FuneralNet will register a new, available domain on your behalf or will transfer your current domain into our registrar and will manage the domain for you. Additional fees will apply.

How long will it take to get my site online?

In many cases customers were able to get their site up and running in less than one hour. You can literally get the Web site up and running in minutes. Additional changes and updates with pictures can be made at any time.

How easy is it to make changes to my site?

As long as you have your user identification code and password (which you choose when you sign up), you can make changes almost instantly anytime, anywhere from a computer connected to the Internet. Some users have even made changes from their PDAs. Other programs make you wait hours or days for updates.

I need help adding photos and a logo to my site…

If you have them on your computer's hard disk just click and go. We would be happy to add photos and your company's logo to your Web site. Simply mail or e-mail them to us at

What is the difference between a FuneralNet Essentials Web site and other FuneralNet Web sites?

In a couple words complexity and customization. FuneralNet Essentials Web sites are specially designed for companies that have never had a Web site or have had one without success. FuneralNet Professional and Custom Solutions programs are generally for clients with Web site experience and those with special design needs; large case volume, multiple locations or offer a variety of special services. Ask a representative for a free brochure and demonstration today.

What is the difference between a FuneralNet Essentials Web site and one from another vendor?

Experience, expertise and sensitivity. FuneralNet Essentials Web sites cost about the same or less as sites developed by local Internet site developers…however with a FuneralNet Essentials Web site, you are assured your site reflects the sensitivities of our industry. FuneralNet Essentials Web sites also cost less, are easier-to-navigate, and more attractive than sites offered by other industry vendors. With FuneralNet Essentials you are assured of a professional, attractive, affordable, easy to use Web site.

What about e-mail?

Every package includes 10 forwarding e-mail addresses. For example, you will want to have as your personal e-mail address. This e-mail address can be advertised on business cards, letterhead, etc. It will be forwarded to your e-mail account provided by your local Internet service provider.

I've heard a lot about online obituaries being popular, will my site have them?

Obituaries are the most popular feature of a death care industry Web site…if you choose, you can add obituaries, powered by FuneralNet's time-tested, industry leading Memorial Obituary Program to your Web site. And, best of all, your obituaries are kept on your own Web site so they are easy for families to use and for you to control.

I hear horror stories of wrong dates, times and names for services…

One of the great things about FuneralNet Essentials is that it puts you in control. You upload the same text and images you send to the local paper. And if there is a change or error, you can correct it instantly from any computer connected to the Internet.

How do people find out about my Web site?

Obituaries are one great way. Be sure to include your web site in all your newspaper ads (for example, please be sure to sign the guest book at or door-to-door driving directions are available at ). You also need to be sure to include your Web site address on your letterhead and other materials. If you want, you can order brochures, direct mail pieces and other material that reflect the look of your Web site directly from FuneralNet's partner, Adfinity. Please visit their Web site for examples of their work. It is available at

How will I know who comes to my site and what they see?

An extensive Web site reporting program called Advanced Web Statistics is provided to you with a comprehensive report that tells you the number of visitors your Web site and what pages they went to, and much, much, more.

How long does a FuneralNet Essentials agreement last?

Forever we hope! We think it is important for everyone in the deathcare industry to have a Web site.

My Web site looks great but I want more…can I upgrade?

Of course! Many FuneralNet Essentials customers are so happy with the results they want to add the custom look and all the features of a high-end FuneralNet site. If you upgrade to FuneralNet's Professional or Custom Solutions programs in the first year, 100% of the cost of your FuneralNet Essentials program is applied to the cost of an upgraded FuneralNet Web site. If you upgrade in the second year, 50% of the cost is applied and if you upgrade in the third year, 25% of the cost is applied to the upgrade.

So I can get on line in less than an hour?

Absolutely! Let's get started! Sign-up now!

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